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Get your first HAM Radio FCC license ( Technician Class ); all privileges above 50 MHz ( VHF & UHF) ----- Get your second HAM Radio FCC license ( General Class ); All operating modes & majority of the amateur spectrum below 30 MHz ( HF ) ----- Get your third and final HAM Radio FCC license ( Extra Class ); ALL privileges ( frequencies & modes ) granted to Amateur Radio Operators.                                   Visit VE3EN's SolarHam.net for complete Solar Data of interest to HAMS.

K0DPW Rigs

COMPUTER: Dell Latitude E6540 laptop Windows 10 Pro 64 bit

D-Star User:     Midwest Radio ThumbDV with WinDV or BlueDV

DMR User:      Midwest Radio ThumbDV with BlueDV
                          ( CCS7 = 3120211 )     DMR Registration:    https://dmr-marc.net/cgi-bin/trbo-database/

WinLink User:     K0DPW@winlink.org           WinLink:    https://www.winlink.org

     ThumbDV:    http://nwdigitalradio.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/04/ThumbDV-A.pdf
          WinDV:     http://www.dutch-star.eu/products/windv/
         BlueDV:     http://www.pa7lim.nl/bluedv/

EchoLink User:      http://www.echolink.org/
                                   K0DPW-L  echo link node: 828988
                           ZTE Majesty Android Smart phone
                                  K0DPW echo link node: 67880

VHF / UHF Rigs:
                            BTECH UV-5x3 Triband ( 2m, 1.25m, 70cm ) HT

                            2 x Yaesu FT-530 Dualband ( 2m, 70cm ) HT

                           Triband ( 6m, 2m, 70cm ) Mobile

HF Rigs: ( not active on HF due to antenna matters )
                          IC-706MKIIG HF/VHF/UHF All Mode Transceiver


Real time Day/Night image below courtesy of FOURMILAB

Earth Day-Night Map

Solar Data & Images below courtesy of N0NBH

Solar-Terrestrial Images and Data on this site are courtesy of:

Data for VHF Conditions is from DXrobot - Gouda , Make More Miles on VHF , and Andy (G7IZU) (all used with permission).

Data for Solar Flare Probability is from University of Bradford (used with permission).

Data for solar data and conditions from NOAA SWPC , solar flux from Space WX Canada , solar images from NASA , and world map/globes/solar system from FOURMILAB (credit given).

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