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Get your first HAM Radio FCC license ( Technician Class ); all privileges above 50 MHz ( VHF & UHF) ----- Get your second HAM Radio FCC license ( General Class ); All operating modes & majority of the amateur spectrum below 30 MHz ( HF ) ----- Get your third and final HAM Radio FCC license ( Extra Class ); ALL privileges ( frequencies & modes ) granted to Amateur Radio Operators.                                   Visit VE3EN's SolarHam.net for complete Solar Data of interest to HAMS.


K0DPW will QSL via direct snail mail (for USA QSOs), the W0 Bureau, or eQSL,
and uses logbooks at LOTW and QRZ.com.

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All D-STAR, ALLSTAR, ECHOLINK, and IRLP QSOs, since they consist of digital packets ( whether a RF link exists at either end of the QSO or not ), while perhaps originally logged respectively as such, should be mapped into ADIF mode of "DATA", (which is automatic if ADIF Mode Mapping is configured properly), if the specific respective "data-digital" mode is not supported in the final logging application.
Because new modes may not yet be specified in ADIF, and because LoTW may not accept all modes specified in ADIF, TQSL enables you to "map" a new mode to a mode or mode group recognized by LoTW. This most often takes the form of mapping a new digital mode "CoolNewDigitalMode" to the "DATA" mode group. Note that TQSL will refuse to map a mode that is accepted by LoTW. When logged into your Logbook of the World ( LoTW ) account, see Adding ADIF Mode Mappings.


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Earth Day-Night Map

Solar Data & Images below courtesy of N0NBH

Solar-Terrestrial Images and Data on this site are courtesy of:

Data for VHF Conditions is from DXrobot - Gouda , Make More Miles on VHF , and Andy (G7IZU) (all used with permission).

Data for Solar Flare Probability is from University of Bradford (used with permission).

Data for solar data and conditions from NOAA SWPC , solar flux from Space WX Canada , solar images from NASA , and world map/globes/solar system from FOURMILAB (credit given).

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