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Get your first HAM Radio FCC license ( Technician Class ); all privileges above 50 MHz ( VHF & UHF) ----- Get your second HAM Radio FCC license ( General Class ); All operating modes & majority of the amateur spectrum below 30 MHz ( HF ) ----- Get your third and final HAM Radio FCC license ( Extra Class ); ALL privileges ( frequencies & modes ) granted to Amateur Radio Operators.                                   Visit VE3EN's SolarHam.net for complete Solar Data of interest to HAMS.


An amateur's legal operating authority in the USA comes from the data in the FCC's ULS database (see FCC rules, US Title 47 CFR §97.5(a) & US Title 47 CFR §97.7(a)), and not from the paper license that the FCC prints and mails, which is just a legal notification of that data (although the paper license may be required by foreign governments if you travel outside the USA). In fact, the FCC provides a web page for printing a "reference" copy of any FCC license:

However, neither the FCC's mailed copy nor (especially) their web page reference copy is very attractive, containing water marks for example. For a high-resolution (1200 dpi) color license reference copy suitable for printing, use either of these two excellent websites below:


AE7Q License Generator.


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